Google Street View the next voyeur Heaven?

I have to say that this Google Street View feauture is pretty cool, basically you can look around streets, zoom in, zoom out, move forward ect. The quality of the image is pretty high to the point that you can see car’s plates, inside windows, people faces and so on. But after “browsing” around San Francisco I cannot stop thinking that there are people or things out there that maybe didn’t want to appear wordlwide without their knowledge. What am I talking about?Read More »Google Street View the next voyeur Heaven?

Cross browser bulletproof check

Ok, you just finished designing your website or a new theme for your blog, and you’re ready to put it online, you do so and there it is in its glory. Wonderful, you’re proud of you work but…you are at your library, surfing the net on a nice Mac G5 using safari, with your mind far away from you assignment you decide to take a look at your site and…it looks totally awful!!! What the heck, all those hours spent trying to understand xhtml, php, asp, link)' );">css, few crashes here and there and the results look good only on your computer with IE (5.5,6,7 whatever) or maybe even FF and you wished you had a bunch of machines with all sort of OS and browser so you could test you website.

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XP welcome screen problem caused by Netgear wireless adapter

I recently got a wireless adapter for cheap on ebay, the Netgear WG111v2, to be used with my laptop running Windows XP sp2. After installing the software for the WG111v2 and reboot I notice that the ','caption', 'Default Windows Xp Welcome screen', 'trail', true, 'direction', 'north', 'width', '264' );">welcome screen was replaced with the ','caption', 'Windows Xp Logon screen', 'trail', true, 'direction', 'north', 'width', '264' );">logon screen. Basically you must type username and password instead of selecting users by a distinctive icon.

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IE6 wont open new link window

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One day all of a sudden IE6 stopped opening new windows by right clicking “Open Link in New Window”. After some research I found the solution, actually it seems like there is more than one cause to this problem, in my case the issue was solved by registering the urlmon.dll file with the command-line regsvr32. POSSIBLE CAUSE This erratic behavior may arise for one or more of the following reasons: • An incorrect location for the Urlmon.dll file (Default) value setting in one or more of the following registry keys points: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{79eac9e0-baf9-11ce-8c82-00aa004ba90b}\InprocServer32] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{79eac9f1-baf9-11ce-8c82-00aa004ba90b}\InprocServer32] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{79eac9f2-baf9-11ce-8c82-00aa004ba90b}\InprocServer32] This Behavior May Occur if you install a customized version of Internet Explorer that was created with the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) version 5.01 Service Pack 1 (SP1), 5.5 SP1, or 6.0.Read More »IE6 wont open new link window