70 Billion Pixels photo

70 billion pixels photoA 70 Billion Pixels photo of Budapest is the largest photo on EarthThis is the largest panorama photograph, the view of Budapest from the Observation Tower of János Hill. A combination of perfect weather, some engineering skills and thousands of pictures and over 40 Gigabytes of raw images data, not to mention the amount of time processing and combining all those images. The Sony’s A900 25MP camera was the digital tool used to achieve the world’s largest digital panorama image, this high definition camera and a Minolta telephoto lens with an extremely narrow field of view generated 5040 individual photographs organized in 24 rows with 210 frames in each with a 360 degree horizontal and a 60 degree vertical FOV. To read more and enjoy the view please follow this link. Just to give a quick glance at the level of details…
zoomed in


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  3. Tim says:

    Need to check this out after I got home from work, it says I have to install sth called Silverlight which I can’t do here. Can’t wait!

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    Good work! I always like to leave comments whenever I see something unusual or impressive. I think we must appreciate those who do something especial. Keep it up, thanks

  5. Wow. A 70 billion pixels photo of the whole of Budapest must have been quite an achievement!! This must be a great publicity for Sony Company as it was with their A900 25MP digital camera that this was made possible!! The effort and time spent on this must be really appreciated and I am sure that it will be an inspiration for others also to try our similar feats with other digital tools too!! Hope we can see the largest photo on earth soon!!

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