Boundaries of languages

28 01 2010

Spoken languages, even though seem to identify specific countries, often don’t abide the political boundaries of such countries, in 2007 Postmann Michael created a map of Europe to depict such diversity.

Its correctness is debatable, in fact many viewers expressed their point of view on this wikipedia page in regards, link.

Link to full size map



9 responses to “Boundaries of languages”

7 06 2010
BTscene torrents (08:49:24) :

Great map.I will definetelly use it in my project about european tribes.Thanks for this post.


14 06 2010
software torrents (12:40:51) :

very good map.The borders of the countries are so distinctly.


8 07 2010
Maui Jim Sunglasses (01:30:05) :

While I like the map, I think you should have placed the key of languages/colors outside of the map to make it easier to follow.


29 07 2010
rapidshare (01:13:20) :

its a nice map. it should be useful in the Europe Trip.


30 07 2010
epoxy flooring india (07:45:19) :

Wow!I think here a good disnory that learn to Spoken languages.Thank have this great sharing….


21 10 2010
Light Peak Info (20:32:14) :

Very interesting to see this graphically. Makes you think, that’s for sure.


8 09 2012
samaa tv (17:45:45) :

Good work! I always like to leave comments whenever I see something unusual or impressive. I think we must appreciate those who do something especial. Keep it up, thanks


22 10 2013
Jual vans authentic California (04:51:28) :

very good map


4 12 2013
makon solution (13:29:15) :

Very Interesting and thanks for you sharing such a kind of information.


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