Microsoft was here, the aftermath.

This desktop image for Windows XP called Bliss soon became the most recognizable wallpaper by PC owners. The photograph that was originally taken by Charles O’Rear now it’s being phased out.

Bliss wallpaper, before and after Microsoft
Bliss wallpaper Charles O’Rear, before and after Microsoft, by Goldin & Senneby

The most distributed image ever is being phased out. What remains is a hill in Sonoma Valley, California.
Charles O’Rear used to pass that hill almost daily between his home in Napa and his wife, Daphne, who lived in Marin County. He always carried his medium format camera.
It was hard even to slow down on highway 12/121. But one day, it must have been in January, he pulled over. After about a month of rain the sun comes up, and there is beautiful green grass. The weather during the winter can change dramatically. A break in the storm. Intense blue sky with cumulus clouds. Maybe later that day it rained.

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