Splatter Pigs

How cruel, those little lovely piggies get splattered on the ground for our pleasure and amusement 🙂 Now, somebody better go and make the same toy with politicians heads, that’d be fun!

There are plenty more videos on youtube, go and check them out.


  1. That’s funny. I’ve heard so much negative press about the iPad. I think it does sound more like the name of a discreet feminine product than a cutting edge computer…


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  3. akc puppy says:

    They have those at a store called Little Nick and Rick. They have them for about $23.00 each. Thats a pretty good deal if I don’t say so myself. Just search for the store and you’ll get your toy


  4. JohnV says:

    Ouuu its so cruel, dont torture these piggies, please I ll do everything if you stop doin it, are they alive or already dead, but who cares dont do it :):) damn japanese or smt. 🙂
    I ll never buy a lokuloku for my kids or will I ? 🙂


  5. James says:

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    Industrial Music Reply:

    I agree with you politician heads would be more fun and there is a kind of truth also – you smash them at the wall and they come back without a scratch


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