Netherlands – Car defeating gravity

14 12 2007
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There is always something weird on Google’s maps, this time a Fiat 500 seems to defeat gravity solving parking issues by sticking on the wall of a building, can’t tell if it’s an image glitch, just somebody having fun or possibly some sort of advertisement since I’ve seen things like this before.

Anyway, to who ever lives in Den Hagg, at the corner between westenbergstraat and koningstraat that can verify this let me know.

Have fun and see ya next time for another weird Google’s maps sighting

Center of map



13 responses to “Netherlands – Car defeating gravity”

20 01 2008
mysticflip (15:06:26) :

lol! 🙂


20 01 2008
safa404 (15:48:54) :

Nice effect


18 09 2008
jimma (19:11:51) :

I grow weary of closed minded experts we have to be open to all options no matter hwo unlikely our energy solutions my come from a small r&d company or even out of someones garage.


4 02 2009
Tobias (15:10:42) :

I happen to have worked very near here and I think I remember seeing this once. So it’s real, not an image glitch. I don’t know what it’s for. I’ll have a look when I’m in Den Haag anytime soon. How did you find this one google maps?


12 03 2009
Vincent (11:42:42) :

that the roof has a road painted on it, should kind of give it away that this is real.


20 03 2009
Joy (17:39:59) :

This is just an illusion played by the angles of the building. It is standing on the road below. But nice observation. What made you notice it? I had to zoom in so bad to be able to make out anything.


20 03 2009
Web Designer (23:49:29) :

I am sorry I completely missed out the video.


25 05 2009
therapist (08:45:42) :

what sir newton will think now ?


31 07 2009
Link Degisimi (23:17:17) :

that the roof has a road painted on it, should kind of give it away that this is real.


19 10 2009
Living With Crohns (14:15:46) :

Wow, that’s trippy. I guess it could be some kind of optical illusion but it sure doesn’t seem like it from above like this.


30 12 2009
brad (03:00:57) :

Smh, next time look at street view before wondering if its a glitch.


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