IE7 goes Pro? Almost

I’ve been using IE since it was included with Windows 95 Plus! and, as many, I’ve managed to get use to it, can’t say I love it but neither I hate it, however, I was more then happy when there was a chance to ditch version 6 🙂 . The first impression of IE7 was good, well except the decision to re-arrange buttons. I use a pen tablet instead of a mouse, and, when browsing, most of the time the pointer is on the back/forward area, can’t get used to stop a loading page by “traveling” all the way to the end of the address bar but likely the ESC key is a snap from my pinky. Anyway I like using IE7, almost as much as I like to use Firefox and Opera, in fact, I use all of them on a daily basis (sometimes I have all three open at the same time).

To be honest there are few things that I thought where missing from IE7 that I really like in FF and OP, for instance a crash recovery feature, an inline search bar, tab history and even mouse gestures, all little things that can make your internet experience more pleasurable but Microsoft developers in charge of IE seemed didn’t care. Thankfully a team of professionals from all over the world took care of the missing features with this great add-on.

Easy to install this add-on enhances Internet Explorer’s tabbed browsing capabilities, a crash recovery system that automatically restores all opened pages after a crash, a spell check and more.

So far I was extremely please with it, no problems of any sort, and finally I can reopen closed tabs, chose to restore the previous session and after a crash nothing is lost, man I really hate when it happens, and we know how often it happens 🙁

Follow the link to download the add-on, there are also video tutorials to guide you with the different option/enhancements and hopefully you’ll be pleased as much as I was.

IE7Pro - The must have add-on for Internet Explorer

On the other hand if you still believe that Internet Explorer sucks no matter what, you can always use Firefox. Have fun.


  1. Good work! I always like to leave comments whenever I see something unusual or impressive. I think we must appreciate those who do something especial. Keep it up, thanks
    David Mayer

  2. I sometimes wonder why some people passionately hate IE. Its become a trend kind of a thing. I also use FF and IE. But I will never say I hate IE. After all I have been using it for so so long.

  3. anonymous says:

    That’s an awesome add-on, cant believe such important feautures were not included in the release of version 7, always behind.

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