phpMyAdmin Life Saver: Change/Reset Password and Admin Name

24 10 2007

There are moments in life that you might say "OOH SH$T! What was the password", I lost my WordPress admin name, I don’t remember it, I didn’t get the email with my password, etc. Well nothing to despair, the solution takes less than two minutes. To proceed you need to log in into your website control panel that most likely is provided by your web host, and most like you have phpMyAdmin too. In fact we need phpMyAdmin to put our hands into WordPress database and do modifications in there, but remember it is not a playground, a mistake and you can say bye bye to your blog. Just don’t wonder what the "drop" link might do, simply follow these few steps and you should bet alright. Just to be on the safe side, ALWAYS backup your database, if you have no clue how to do that just read my other tutorial.

Warning, messing around with you WP database could cause loss of data and other problems

Please follow the tutorial, if you have any problem don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I wont be held responsible for you mistakes

A short description of the video: I assumed you got into phpMyAdmin , we need to look for the table that contains the users info and edit the user name and its password, as you can see there are other values we can edit as well such as email address ect. I wont cover every value displayed and what they refer to, we just focus on the user name and password however some of these values as you see are self explanatory.

So we decided to change admin to something else and since we are there we change the password too.
Talking about passwords, WordPress requires MD5 algorithm encryption for stored passwords, you will notice that I select the function MD5 from a dropdown list, that will process the password we enter by using client-side MD5 encryption, so don’t panic when you see as user password something like this 0f63b2c0873e8cvd29ba465328721a18n9.

After the modifications have been saved you should be able to log in back into your WordPress, if you have any problem either contact me or make a stop at support forum

Thanks for watching and good blogging.

change or reset wordpress admin name and password
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