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28 06 2007

Digital images such as jpg, bmp or gif are made of pixels organized on a grid, in a simplified way each pixel rappresents a color and, like a mosaic, many pixels create the final image. With this simpe concept in mind Neil Fraser came out with the idea of a script to “decode” an image into pure html code and output a quite large table where each cell is 1px by 1px with the background color matching the source image colors.

The results? Interesting.
The use? Geeky entertainment, I guess!

You can try it for yourself at his website http://neil.fraser.name/software/img2html/

There is a Flash movie in here, you need to update you flash player.

Bitmap image,pixels detail.



6 responses to “Turn images into HTML”

14 09 2007
MrFantastic (15:25:30) :

I remember seeing a video on youtube about a guy writing the code on notepad and refreshing the browser window showing an anime character, that was pretty intense.


13 06 2009
ahmet maranki (19:43:58) :

very cool


30 08 2010
22 10 2011
movers (20:41:57) :

I always thought this was a neat idea. I wanted to do this with pieces of tile and create a mosaic on a wall. You would see the whole picture if you stepped far enough away. Then I found an artist who did this already and I was afraid I would infringe on his trademark.


14 04 2014
JOhn (09:25:01) :

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9 10 2014
Francis (13:00:26) :

Your post picture is very beautiful. I have no idea about pixels, so thanks for letting me know.

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