Cross browser bulletproof check

Ok, you just finished designing your website or a new theme for your blog, and you’re ready to put it online, you do so and there it is in its glory. Wonderful, you’re proud of you work but…you are at your library, surfing the net on a nice Mac G5 using safari, with your mind far away from you assignment you decide to take a look at your site and…it looks totally awful!!! What the heck, all those hours spent trying to understand xhtml, php, asp, css, few crashes here and there and the results look good only on your computer with IE (5.5,6,7 whatever) or maybe even FF and you wished you had a bunch of machines with all sort of OS and browser so you could test you website.

Well here it is! 🙂

With this service you can take screenshots of your webpage, any website you want for that matter, under Safari on OS X, Opera 8.5 or konqueror on Linux, windows 98 with IE 5.5, windows vista, even PDA’s, awesome.

Too bad is not free, but don’t give up so fast, if you ain’t got the dough to pay for the service, you can register for a trial that last 24h or 200 screen captures, which ever comes first. You only need you email address, well any email as long as you can check it for the confirmation link. So you register with your email and you get a trial account, I’m sure you got more than one email account, if you know what I mean! 😉

Another alternative is

And here’s your fresh captures.

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  1. Andrew G. says:

    Quite handy, I personally don’t build website but I have a friend that does and she is always complaining what a pain in the neck is to check if the layout works and looks the same on different platforms, I’ll point her to this post.

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